Our Pastors

Executive Elders

Jackie and Linda White Gary and Jane Ann Casey
Gary and Jan Delay Tom and Cherri Head
Jantzen and Abby Louder Joe and Terri Reed
Robert and Irma Renteria Ruben and Melanie Reyes
Gayle and Kay Whitten Morris and Linda Sheats 


Jackie White – Senior Pastor

Pastor Jackie started Church on The Rock in 1985, and the vision that God has given him for this body continues to grow as the years go on.  He is a dynamic communicator and has a tremendous ability to enable and release those within the body of Christ to function in their calling.

Linda White – Women’s Pastor

Pastor Linda has been beside Pastor Jackie from the beginning of the church, and they continue to be an outstanding team in leading this church.  She provides great leadership for the women’s ministry and plays a vital role in the Dream Center campus.  She does a tremendous job of empowering those within these ministries.

Jantzen Louder – Executive Pastor

Pastor Jantzen started on this staff in 2009, and he has worked to lead, guide, unify, and direct this staff in the direction the Lord is leading.  His primary role of responsibility is to oversee the staff and the day-to-day workings within the church.

Gary Delay – Associate Pastor

Pastor Gary began at Church on the Rock shortly after its beginning, and he has served faithfully for over 20 years now.  Pastor Gary is a terrific mentor and has a great ability to help people get their life on the God-intended track.  His primary role is to oversee the Transformation Ministry and the Helps Ministry

Robert Renteria – Associate Pastor

Pastor Robert joined the Church on the Rock staff in 2004, and he has proven to be a huge asset in what God has called this church to accomplish.  He is an extremely relational person and is very anointed to sit down and work through issues that individuals are going through.  His primary role of responsibilities are Men’s Ministry, Pastoral Care, Life Groups, and Visitor Follow Up.

Paige Allen – Training and Sending Pastor

Pastor Paige joined the Church on the Rock staff in 2002 and has served in several different capacities since that time.  Paige is a tremendous communicator and provides oversight to the Missions and Prayer Ministries within the church.

Leslie Rich – Worship Pastor

Pastor Leslie has led worship at Church on the Rock for over 10 years now.  She is a dynamic Worship Pastor and has a phenomenal anointing to usher in the presence of God into each service.  She is also very gifted at developing and leading the team around her.

Heath Watts – Student Ministries Pastor

Pastor Heath joined the staff of Church on the Rock in June 2011.  He serves as our Student Ministries Pastor.  Before coming to Church on the               Rock, Heath was teacher and coach.  He and his wife, Kelsey, have three daughters, Madison, Peyton, and Harper.

Cherri Head – Pre-school and Toddler Pastor

Pastor Cherri and her husband were one of the charter members of Church on the Rock and they have played a vital role in MANY of our children’s lives for over twenty years now.  Her love and faithfulness for the Lord and these kids provides an example to us all.

Dean Richards – Dream Center Campus Associate Pastor

 Pastor Dean has been on staff at Church on the Rock since 2008.  He has served in elementary and youth and recently he has moved to the Dream Center and is the Associate pastor at that campus.  He has a true, genuine love for the people that he works with on a regular basis.  He and his wife, Pam, have four children, Zachary, Christopher, Sarah, and Hallie.

Mark Lang – Dream Center Student Pastor

Pastor Mark just joined this staff in June of 2011.  Mark comes with a variety of experience that has already proved to be invaluable in touching the hearts and lives of the young people of this neighborhood, and there is great excitement about continued growth in this area.

**contact any of our pastors via email at cotr@cotrlubbock.com


Ministering Elders 

Josh and Paige Allen Gilbert and Sally Arredondo
Randy and Callie Boyd Casey and Dana Brewer
Drew and Dawn Brown Brad and Jennifer Davidson
Deron and Debbie Tucker Joel and Brenda Gonzalez
Paul and LaVila Henry Henry and Glenda King
Tim and Shelley Macha Jimmy and Nancy Norman
Roy and Lisa Phelps Heyward and Stephanie Ramsey
Dean and Pam Richards Royce and Jennifer Riggin
Doug and Lisa Barber George and Virginia Cardenas
Gary and Jane Ann Casey Tab and Kay Daniel
Janie C. Gomez James and Jennifer Fortner
Gary and Jan Delay Presley and Jo Anne Duke
Al and Cheryl Goforth Tom and Cherri Head
Ruben and Sara Gomez Rick and Tori Mitchell
Joe and Terri Reed Robert and Irma Renteria
Jerrie Wadley Heath and Kelsey Watts
Gayle and Kay Whitten Zebbe Hernandez
Mark and Mary Ann Lang Jantzen and Abby Louder
Ruben and Melanie Reyes Eddie and Melissa Santos
Morris and Linda Sheats Jackie and Linda White

Support Staff

Dixie Stewart – Administrative Manager

Jane Ann Casey – Administrative Assistant

Ashley Brooks – Administrative Assistant

Tanya Francis – Receptionist

Annie Casas – Missions Assistant

Lisa Stabeno – Financial Administrator

Sharon Mitchum – Financial Assistant

Angela Long – Financial Assistant

Jason Brandiger – Creative Director

Michael Koontz – Technical Director

Audra Baldwin – Media Coordinator/Student Pastors Assistant

Kelsey Watts – Kids Day Out Coordinator

Kacey Enriquez – Worship Assistant

Victoria De Los Santos – Administrative Assistant

Gabriel Reyes – Maintenance Supervisor

Carl Wood – Maintenance Assistant

Johnny Rush – Maintenance Assistant

Cassandra Morriel – Maintenance Assistant

Marisa Vasquez – Dream Center Compassions Coordinator

Shanna Hargrave – Dream Center Fundraising Coordinator

Candy Jackson – Dream Center Clothing Coordinator

Jennifer Brake – Dream Center Receptionist

Stephanie Romero – Dream Center Volunteer Coordinator

Stacie Boggs – Dream Center Maintenance Assistant

Joe Tapperson – Dream Center Maintenance Assistant