Pursue Missions International is the missions arm of Church on the Rock.  There are many opportunities for everyone to be involved in missions!

Local:  "Going" can be across the street or across town.  We can help you connect with outreach and ministry opportunities right here in Lubbock.

Short-term:  We mobilize nearly 200 short-term missionaries to go into nations around the globe.  Short-term trips are announced each October, and trips are typically launched between spring and fall.  Prayerfully consider a short-term trip next year!

Long-term:  Preparation for long-term missions takes between 2 - 3 years.  We walk missionaries through a process of education, counseling, logistic coordination, and strategy before they go.  We also commit to sending to the best of our ability with both spiritual and practical support.

Church on the Rock partners with nearly 30 missionaries and ministries, both in the U.S. and across the globe.  You can become a sender by getting involved with:

Financial Support
Prayer Support
Administrative Support
Becoming part of a Missionary Care Team

To learn more about Pursue Missions, visit our website, www.pursuemissions.org