Lubbock Dream Center

Everyone deserves a dream, a dream filled with hope and an excitement for the future that lies ahead. But for many that dream no longer exists. The daily reality of living in poverty, battling sickness, or simply struggling with a life that is filled with limitation destroys the dreams that once provided the motivation for life.

Restoring those dreams is what the Dream Center is all about. A dream could come to life in an after-school program that teaches the promises of God to a child. A dream could be re-kindled through an adult life skills class opening a door to opportunity. A dream could be restored through the simple act of serving a meal to the hungry, providing clothes to the needy, or by offering up a prayer for one in spiritual darkness. The Dream Center is dedicated to those who are in desperate need of a dream and to those who have tasted the goodness of God and desire to pass it on.

We at Church on the Rock have a mandate from God to establish His Kingdom through compassion ministries that meet basic, natural needs in the lives of people in the Slaton-Bean neighborhood. As life’s needs are met, we believe hearts will be opened to the message and power of the Gospel and true transformation will take place.

If you would like to find out more or learn how to become a supporter of the Lubbock Dream Center, please call the Church on the Rock office at (806) 798-7990 or email us at